Top Tips for Tourists from Sprinter Rental NYC: Part 4

In this series, Sprinter Rental NYC has been coming up with a list of top tips that could help tourists like you enjoy New York City more.

In previous installments, Sprinter Rental NYC has suggested:

1. Throw out any misconceptions about New York City and New Yorkers you might have.

2. Eat early to avoid the crowds.

3. Tip generously.

4. No stopping and gawking in the middle of the sidewalk.

5. No occupying the entire sidewalk.

6. Get your Broadway tickets well in advance!

7. Go to different restaurants.

8. Look for small shops!

9. Charter a sprinter rental in NYC.

Want more?

10. Allot a day or two at Central Park.

Central Park is just huge. What's more, there are just a lot to do there and there are activities for just about everyone in your family. It would be a shame if you just go there for a few hours.

What's more, you would probably love getting fit at Central Park. Go there on the weekends when you could go biking, jogging, inline skating and running.

11. Skip the Empire State Building if all you want is the view.

Most people think that Empire State Building has the best view of New York City. While it is debatable, we are pretty sure that because of the crowds, the numerous lines and all the hassles, you will not appreciate the view by the time you get to see it.

Instead, head on to Rockefeller Plaza and go straight up to the 65th floor and into the Rainbow Room. You can get a wonderful view of the city without the strain.

If you have kids with you, you can go to the 70th floor instead and save waiting time. Sprinter Rental NYC knows that you want to have a memorable time. Just follow these tips and you are already halfway there!

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