Top Tips for Tourists from Sprinter Rental NYC: Part 2

Sprinter Rental NYC welcomes you to New York City.

If you are concerned about looking too much of a tourist in the Big Apple, then don’t be. Sprinter Rental NYC is here to give you tips on how to enjoy touring the city without annoying the locals!

Let us continue:

4. Do not stop in the middle of the sidewalk and gawk.

New Yorkers are a pretty harried bunch. They are usually rushing from one place to another.

Respect this culture and do not stop just to admire beautiful buildings or to check on your map. If you just stop, chances are people behind you are going to bump into you. Or worse, they might get off the sidewalk and into the street, which is dangerous.

Be considerate. If you must stop, stand aside or at least look for a place that is a little out of the way or a lot less crowded.

5. Do not occupy the entire sidewalk, either.

If you travel in groups, refrain from walking side by side with the whole group taking up an entire sidewalk. Instead, pair up and walk by twos.

This way, if there are people behind you who are in a hurry, it will be easy for them to go around and walk past you without bothering anyone.

6. Seeing a show on Broadway? Get your tickets in advance and save!

Broadway tickets can be very pricey, but you can probably get great discounts if you get your tickets in advance and online at or

If you did not do your homework and you want to see a show later tonight, you can try your luck at TKTS Discount Booths in Times Square and South St. Seaport. We do say try your luck because lines here often snake around the block and there is not guarantee that a ticket would be available for you.

Sprinter Rental NYC has more tips, so check out the next installment in this series!

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