Have a Unique New York City Experience with Sprinter Rental NYC: Part 5

In this series, Sprinter Rental NYC has been suggesting a list of things that more adventurous visitors to New York City might want to try.

Sprinter Rental NYC has already come up with these:

1. Going to comedy bars.

2. Creating your own pizza.

3. Going tubing then having great beer.

4. Shopping at thrift shops and other smaller retailers.

5. Sightseeing from the Hudson River.

6. Learning how to fly on a flying trapeze.

7. Riding a rickshaw through the streets of Manhattan.

8. Going on a scavenger hunt.

9. Becoming an accomplice.

Want more unusual things to do?

Enjoy a hot air balloon ride.

Hot air balloon rides are gaining popularity. It is just exhilarating to take off on a hot air balloon and see everything for miles around! You can go as a group, or perhaps sequester a ride for you and your loved one. This is going to be one romantic ride that you would not forget.

Sprinter Rental NYC suggests Above the Clouds, Inc., where you could get on a hot air balloon and see the whole Orange County for only $179 per person. Located just one hour out of New York City, they have two ride schedules: one at 6 am and the other in the afternoons. You can call Above the Clouds at (845) 692-2556 or e-mail them at atc@hvc.rr.com.

Discovery New York City's odd history.

Be sure to visit the City Reliquary. It is just like visiting your normal museum, but with a twist. The City Reliquary (370 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, http://www.cityreliquary.org) holds some of the most bizarre exhibits about New York City. How bizarre? Well, how about rat skeletons that were found in the subway, or a showcase of bed bugs? These and other similar displays tell another side of NYC's history that you might not believe unless you see proof!

Sprinter Rental NYC welcomes more ideas for a unique New York City visit. Tell us about your suggestions in the comments!


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