Have a Unique New York City Experience with Sprinter Rental NYC: Part 4

What comes to mind when you hear New York City? The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, Broadway, Rockefeller Center. These are just some of the places that are considered to be must-gos when visiting the Big Apple. Sprinter Rental NYC can take you to these places and more.

By more, we mean those places to visit and things to do that you probably will not find in popular NYC guidebooks. For the past few articles, we at Sprinter Rental NYC has been coming up with a list of the more unusual places to visit for people who want a unique Big Apple experience.

Here are some more:

Participate in a scavenger hunt.

New York City has some of the most fashionable and challenging scavenger hunts in the country. These hunts are just great for any sized groups. An added benefit of scavenger hunts is that you get to have fun solving clues and see New York City in a different way.

Sprinter Rental NYC suggests that you check out Stray Boots (72 Allen St., https://www.strayboots.com). For $12 per person or less, you can choose a themed scavenger hunt such as a scavenger hunt in East Village Bars, food places, museums and Central Park.

Watson Adventures (877 9-GOHUNT, http://www.watsonadventures.com/) allows you to solve crimes in one of the Big Apple's famous museums!

Participate in a walking tour that doubles as a performance show.

If you cannot decide between watching a show on Broadway and seeing more of New York City, then Sprinter Rental NYC definitely recommends the Accomplice.

The Accomplice is a three-hour show that allows you to participate. The premise is simple: you will be walking around the city trying to solve a crime. You will be interacting with actors who would give you clues and messages that you must decipher in order to solve the mystery.

How is that for a fun tour? Make it more fun with a sprinter van from Sprinter Rental NYC!


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