Have a Unique New York City Experience with Sprinter Rental NYC: Part 3

Even if you live in New York City, there might be some things that you have not seen or experienced yet in the Big Apple. In this series, Sprinter Rental NYC’s staff is compiling a list of things to do that are a little out of the ordinary when visiting the Big Apple.

In previous installments, we have come up with the following suggestions:

1. Going to comedy bars.

2. Creating your own pizza.

3. Going tubing then having great beer.

4. Shopping at thrift shops and other smaller retailers.

5. Sightseeing from the Hudson River.

You can add these to the list:

Fly on your own.

That is right. Fly on your own. No planes, no wind surfing equipment, and no need to sprout a new set of wings.

You can contact the Trapeze School New York (info@trapezeschool.com, (212) 242-8769) and arrange for a trapeze class for your group. The school has two locations in the Big Apple. One is in Hudson River Park and the other is in South Street Seaport on Pier 16.

Ride a Rickshaw.

The Big Apple is a magnet for tourists, so is it any wonder why there are a lot of tours? You name it and New York has it. Balloon rides, walking tours, tours where you go on role-plays, boat and yacht tours. But did you know that there are quite a number of companies that offer tours of New York City on a rickshaw?

That is right, you no longer have to go to Hong Kong to enjoy a city tour on a rickshaw.

Sprinter Rental NYC suggests the following rickshaw tours:

  • Manhattan Rickshaw Company (212) 604-4729
  • Mr. Rickshaw (212) 736-1950.
  • Revolution Rickshaws (212) 239-0200.

There you go, more unusual things to do that cannot be classified as too touristy. If you have any more suggestions, you can tell Sprinter Rental NYC about it in the comments below!


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