Have a Unique New York City Experience with Sprinter Rental NYC: Part 2

We at Sprinter Rental NYC understand that there are some people who might not appreciate the popular attractions in New York City. Maybe they do not like crowds or they might have been there before.

This is the reason why the staff at Sprinter Rental NYC has decided to put together a list of out-of-the-ordinary things to do in New York City. And here is what we have come up with:


New York City is home to a lot of retailers. But when we say shop, we do not mean at Kmart and other bigger retailers. Look for smaller thrift shops. There are shops here that have great finds such as in season clothes at a fraction of the prices it sells for in boutiques. Or you could get the best curios and keepsakes at rock bottom prices.

Also, check out flea markets that are open during your visit. These are guaranteed to give you a lot of great bargains!

See Manhattan from the Hudson River.

There are a lot of ways to see Manhattan, but one of the more unusual ways is to see it on a boat while you are on the Hudson River. This is a great way to avoid the chaos of Manhattan streets while also getting the chance to enjoy some fresh air.

You have the option to sail during the afternoon when you could appreciate the beauty of Manhattan or opt for a twilight sail and prepare to be amazed by the lights of the Manhattan skyline!

Sprinter Rental NYC recommends Manhattan by Sail (http://www.manhattanbysail.com, (212) 619-0907) to arrange a trip for your group.

Be sure to call Sprinter Rental NYC if you need to charter a sprinter van for you and your group. A sprinter rental in New York City is just perfect if you are planning to tour the city. It can easily accommodate up to 12 people and still have enough storage space for everything you need to bring with you.


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