Group Dates via a Sprinter Rental in New York City: Part 6

Having a group date with your friends is a great idea. But an even better idea is making sure that everyone gets home safe, especially after a fun night that included alcohol. So hire a Sprinter Rental in New York City!

A Sprinter Rental in New York City takes care of your transportation needs. You do not only arrive at your selected venues in style, but you would not have to worry about going home afterwards. You can take everyone home, right to their doorsteps!

If you are looking for ideas on where to go, Sprinter Rental NYC has already suggested the following:

  1. Karaoke parties.
  2. Speed dating events.
  3. Go to the After Party.
  4. Attend a singles party.
  5. Winery tours.
  6. Play board games.
  7. Learn how to fight with a Samurai.
  8. Taste Korean food.
  9. Do something sporty!
  10. Enjoy great music at BAMcafe.

Here are additional ideas:

11. Play, play, play!

Being single has its perks and one of them is that you can act as goofy as you want and play all you like without the pressure of looking good for someone else. So why not invite the whole group and play the night away?

You can go bowling with your group of friends. You can form teams and compete against each other. The good thing with bowling is that there are a lot of choices and you really do not have to spend that much. Some places even give out discounts for groups who are playing together.

Sprinter Rental NYC recommends Harlem Lanes. They have a group package where you get a free pitcher of soda for every hour of bowling.

If bowling is not for you, why not play something more challenging? How about having a laser tag or paintball fete? This is great for group dates and especially perfect if you all had a tough week at work. With paintball, you can run through a field and try to shoot your friends down. The last man or woman standing wins.

Laser tag basically works the same way, only that you are confined in a darkened room and you get lights on your laser gun and on your vest as an added bonus.

Be sure to arrange for a Sprinter Rental in New York City to make group date night even more memorable!


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