Get a Sprinter Rental in NJ and Enjoy These Top Events (Part 5)

There are quite a handful of events that everybody should attend happening in New Jersey at different times of the year. If you are going to New Jersey, we strongly suggest that you time it so that you could attend these events. We also suggest that you rent a sprinter rental in NJ!

You probably have been on dozens of vacations, so you know just how much of a hassle going on a trip without a great transportation solution is. This is why Sprinter Rental NYC is suggesting that you get a sprinter rental in NJ for your New Jersey time out!


Now what events should you go to?

Sherlock Holmes Weekend

Who does not love Sherlock Holmes? If you have been wanting to solve some mystery of your own, then you simply must join the Sherlock Holmes Weekend.

There are two schedules and each one is set in Cape May. With its Victorian setting, you will get instantly into the mood for some traditional crime busting.

There are several benefits to trying to solve the mystery. For one, it is a great way to spend a weekend. For another, you get the chance to win a $250 cash prize. Further, you get the chance to see Cape May's astounding Victorian landmarks.

To learn more about the Sherlock Holmes Weekend, visit

Atlantic City Air Show

The Atlantic City Air Show holds the distinction as one of the biggest air shows in North America. Held every year on different months, in, where else but Atlantic City, the Air Show attracts more than 500,000 visitors every single year.

The Atlantic City Air Show is where you can see plans do some pretty neat tricks, acrobatic maneuvers and somersaults in the air.

Both kids and adults will enjoy this one of a kind show!

A sprinter rental in NJ is the single best decision you would ever make if you are visiting the Garden State, so call us today and arrange for one!

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