Get a Sprinter Rental in NJ and Enjoy These Top Events (Part 4)

You will never know what surprises you are going to encounter while on vacation in New Jersey. So if you get the unexpected chance to travel within the state, it is a great idea to have a sprinter rental in NJ to take you there.

A sprinter rental in NJ will be able to take you and your friends to different places, allowing you to enjoy more things and see more sights. Of course, the Garden State has a lot of great events that you should attend.

Sprinter Rental NYC has already given you some of these in previous installments:

  • NJ Statewide Cultural Festival
  • Cape May Jazz Festival
  • New Jersey Seafood Festival
  • Ice Harvest
  • Shad Festival

There are others, such as:

Patriots Week

Held every December, Patriots Week commemorates the unique role that Trenton, New Jersey, had in the American Revolution.

This is when you could rub elbows with American Revolution experts and hobbyists, watch various re-enactments, attend lectures about the war, go on several walking tours or hear a heartfelt recital of The Crisis written by Thomas Paine before the historic Battle of Trenton.

For more details on Patriot's Week, visit the Web site at

Hudson Restaurant Week

The Hudson Restaurant Week is when up to 35 different restaurants in Hudson County opens their doors and lets you eat their specialties and everything on the menu at significantly discounted prices.

Try Filipino, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Portuguese, or Thai food. Or how about getting your fill of steak, sushi and seafood? All the best restaurants will be participating!

Check out for dates, times, a list of participating restaurants and more information.

So you see, it helps to schedule your New Jersey vacation in time for these really big events. Not only will you get to see a once-a-year special event, but you also get to save and have more fun. What's more, you should always have a sprinter rental in NJ to take you around town!

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