Get a Sprinter Rental in NJ and Enjoy These Top Events (Part 3)

With a sprinter rental in NJ, you will never have to worry about getting there or getting lost.

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A sprinter rental in NJ will help you get to the following events:

Ice Harvest

Winter is a fun time to visit the Garden State, especially in January because this is when the Howell Living History Farm holds its Ice Harvest.

More than just a festival, Ice Harvest allows you to get a feel of what a winter day at the farm would be like. You get to help the area's farmers cut, chop and shave ice to fill up their icehouses. You could learn how to make ice cream. Some lucky festivalgoers will be able to go with the harvesting crew and get the ice from the nearby frozen pond.

You can call the Howell Living History Farm at (609) 737-3299 or just drop by at 70 Wooden's Lane in Lambertville.

Shad Festival

Every April, Lambertville comes alive to celebrate the curiously named Shad Festival.

The festival gives a toast to the city, its arts, the Delaware River and yes, shad. Apparently, shad is also the name of a kind of fish that migrates up river during these months.

For the past 30 plus years, as many as 40,000 people come to the city in the hopes of seeing the shad in the water. Art exhibits also help attract people to the festival.

The kids will love the various activities that the city has in store for them. They can have their faces painted, go on inflatable rides, watch sand art, and just basically have the time of their lives in the kids' zone.

There are also booths that sell shad dishes, so if you have always wondered what shad tastes like, this will be a great time to sample the world's best shad dishes!

Undoubtedly, you will have a fun time at both of these festivals, so why not get a sprinter rental in NJ to take you there!

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