Get a Sprinter Rental in NJ and Enjoy These Top Events (Part 1)

Sprinter Rental NYC services small groups not just in New York City but also in nearby areas such as Philadelphia, Connecticut and, yes, New Jersey. Why not get a sprinter rental in NJ from us to take you and your small circle of friends to the following events?

A sprinter rental in NJ will help you enjoy these yearly events and even allow you to insert some sightseeing while you are in town.

What events are we talking about?

NJ Statewide Cultural Festival

Out of the many annual festivals that Sprinter Rental NYC is going to feature in this series, the NJ Statewide Cultural Festival is perhaps the youngest of them all.

New Jersey is a state that has a lot of different cultures all living harmoniously together.

The NJ Statewide Cultural Festival will celebrate these cultures with fun activities for everybody. Immerse yourself in food, music, dance, arts and crafts from the biggest cultural groups in the state.

Cape May Jazz Festival

Held twice yearly in April and November, the Cape May Jazz Festival is a 15-year-old tradition. The jazz festival is highlights jazz music so you could get all the jazz you want and learn more about the music and its history. You can also learn how to improvise, or how to play percussions and the guitar.

The Cape May Jazz Festival features only the best new acts, up-and-coming bands and the famous jazz artists.

Be sure to come here and hear the best new acts, up and coming musicians, and established names. Dianne Reeves, Eddie Palmieri, Jesse Andrus, Edgardo Cintron, Jon Faddis, Jackie Ryan, Frank Bey, and Michael Pedicin have all played at the festival at one point or another.

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A sprinter rental in NJ will be just perfect to transport you and your friends during these festivals! Call Sprinter Rental NYC today!

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